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ITP and Lyme Disease 12 years 2 months ago #8157

  • omishel
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Does anyone have any information linking ITP and Lyme Disease? I have been diagnosed and treated for ITP -- prednisone, IV Ig, Splenectomy -- without success. Tested postitive for Lyme a year ago and now am testing "more positive". I am wondering if the ITP is a misdiagnosis.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Re:ITP and Lyme Disease 12 years 2 months ago #8160

  • patti
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It is so common to have lymes cause other health issues. Your ITP is likely still ITP, but could very well be caused by the lymes. Or, just having the lymes is not allowing your body to heal from the ITP. Two options would be either homeopathy (it would heal both the lymes and ITP), or finding a good lymes doctor. April (on this board) is our very sweet, very fantastic homepathic doctor. Or, have you searched the web for a good lymes doctor? If you can't find one, I have a few resources I may be able to use to find you one (lymes patients that have used them personally).


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Re:ITP and Lyme Disease 12 years 2 months ago #8214

  • sandpit
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My daughter has been through the wringer with both ITP and Lyme, but I don't think they are directly correlated. Quite often with tick diseases such as Lyme the tick carries more than one disease.

My daughter's ITP was triggered by anaplasmosis (used to be called ehrlichiosis) which is a frequent co-infection tick born disease with Lyme. Have you been tested for it? It commonly causes low platelet counts and/or low white blood cell counts. Babeiosis is another tick disease but it causes problems with red blood cell counts.

Her ITP did not resolve until the anaplasmosis was treated with antibiotics. The anaplasmosis caused her first round of ITP. Now she gets low platelet counts after cold viruses and vaccines. I call it "recurrent acute ITP". Her counts are normal between viruses and she usually rebounds with no treatment unless illness lingers. (IViG has been given twice in six years).

Unfortunately it took six months to get a Lyme diagnosis for our daughter from when symptoms appeared because her case was so severe the antibodies were all bound up and the blood work was negative. A short round of antibiotics finally freed enough antibodies to turn the blood work positive. During that whole six months her platelets were completely normal. She did have a head cold about the time of diagnosis and that dropped her platelets.

Lyme needs to be treated for two months with dyoxycline or stronger antibiotic (that cross the blood/brain barrier). The spirochete alternates between the cyst and spirochete forms and you need the antibiotic long enough to catch all the cysts when they re-emerge into spirochete form. (some antibiotics can kill cyst form but they are more extreme treatments). The little buggers are amazing at infecting different parts of the body in different people. My daughter had the headaches, sore back and sore knees and extreme exhaustion.

You can also be reinfected with Lyme at any time through another tick bite. Her infectious disease doctor thought her Lyme was so severe because it was her second time having it, the first back when the anaplasmosis caused ITP.

Needless to say, I hate ticks! ITP isn't much fun either.

Hope your Lyme and ITP get better.

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