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ITP POKE-R CLUB: For Kids with ITP

The only thing worse than frequent needle sticks is being a kid subjected to frequent pokes – an unmistakable reality for ITP patients. Now, factor in that you’re a kid in a hem/onc unit or clinic where most patients have cancer. Does that sound frightening, lonely and depressing? It is.

PDSA has heard all too often that clinical support programs for children in hematology/oncology units are primarily designed for children with cancer or other blood disorders and needlephobia is an increasing problem and one too familiar to kids with ITP. That’s why PDSA has developed the ITP POKE~R CLUBSM - to empower kids with ITP to overcome the trials associated with managing their ITP while giving them a program to call their own.

PDSA has partnered with BUZZY® for pain relief (a vibrating ice pack that confuses the body’s nerves thereby dulling or eliminating sharp injection pain) in an effort to ease the anxiety and alleviate fears associated with frequent needle sticks.

Here’s how the program works:

POKE-R KitPoker ChipThe child will receive a drawstring pouch, POKE~R chip, scorecard, and BUZZY® device with their first needle stick and will continue to receive additional chips and distraction cards with each “poke”. They will track their chips on the scorecard and once the child has collected 10 chips, they will receive a prize from PDSA. The Program Overview included with each kit will have additional tips and suggestions for medical professionals and parents on easing pain and fears.

PDSA is proud to offer this free program available to kids with ITP in the U.S. and Canada who are members of PDSA.



PDSA would like to thank Emergent BioSolutions
for their support in making this program possible.
Emergent BioSolutions

Contact Us

If you have any questions, would like information about starting the new ITP POKE~R CLUBSM or program sponsorship, please contact:
Jody Shy
PDSA’s Programs & Events Manager
Phone: 1-87-PLATELET (toll-free)
Email: jshy@pdsa.org