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The Platelet News is the newsletter of the Platelet Disorder Support Association.  It is published quarterly and sent to the members of PDSA via US mail or optionally e-mailed in .pdf version (send by e-mail only outside US and Canada in text format or .pdf). Its pages are filled with helpful articles, news, book reviews, and interviews written by physicians, nurses, and people like you who have learned much from their disease . The reports are in. Our members can't wait for the next issue.Get Adobe Reader


Order Back Issues by Mail - Mail a check to PDSA (US check from US bank), 133 Rollins Avenue, Suite 5, Rockville, MD 20852 with a note indicating the issues you would like us to send you.

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: 1-87-Platelet (1-877-528-3538)

Newsletter Bundles

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  • Newsletter Collection: 2012 - The four 2012 newsletters for $14.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2011 - The four 2011 newsletters for $14.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2010 - The four 2010 newsletters for $14.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2009 - The four 2009 newsletters for $14.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2008 - The four 2008 newsletters for $14.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2007 - The four 2007 newsletters for $14.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2006 - The four 2006 newsletters for $14.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2005 - The four 2005 newsletters for $14.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2004 - The four 2004 newsletters for $14.00 - Sale $12.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2003 - The four 2003 newsletters for $14.00 - Sale $12.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2002 - The four 2002 newsletters for $14.00 - Sale $12.00
  • Newsletter Collection: 2001 - The four 2001 newsletters for $14.00 - Sale $12.00
  • First Newsletter Issues Six Pack - (Summer, 1999 - Fall, 2000) $15.00 - Sale $12.00

Single Issues

2012 Issues

  • The Spring 2012 issue of The Platelet News is 28 pages of the latest news and informative articles including: "Highlights of ASH 2011 Meeting: Part 2 ", "PDSA Hosts ITP Conference 2012 in Denver, CO", "KIDS KORNER: ITP Child Sophie Pritikin Hosted Her Girl Scout Troop to Learn about ITP", "Making a Difference: Sharon Putnam", "Dr. Bussel Wins Prestigious Medical Award", "New York Times Best- Selling Author Joel Fuhrman, M.D. to be Keynote Speaker at ITP Conference 2012", "ITP Conference 2012: Program", "News from Our Support Groups", "Walk/ Run News: Live from the Web…It’s www.ITPwalk.org!”, "Creating a Legacy for the ITP Community”, "BUZZY® Stops the Pain from Injections”, "Advocacy Alert: Congressional Briefing Draws National Attention to the Impact of Autoimmune Diseases”, "ITP Research Updates: News from the ASH Meeting: Part 2 (Abstracts)”, "Global View: Letters from Our International Friends", "Advocacy Alert: PDSA Attends NIH Rare Disease Day 2012”, "A Different View: Unusual Success Stories from Our Mailbox" and more. $5.00
  • The Summer 2012 issue of The Platelet News is now available with 28 pages filled with informative articles and the latest news including: “Join the Movement that’s Gone Global! September is ITP Awareness Month”, “On September 28th Get in the Game! Sport Purple for Platelets!”, “PDSA Hosts Extraordinary ITP Conference in Denver”, “Conference ‘Teens Only’ Session a Huge Success”, “ITP Conference 2012: Part 1” including: “ITP & Immune Deficiencies: What’s the Connection?”, “ITP and the Female Lifecycle”, “What’s On the Horizon? Future Developments in Novel Agents to Treat ITP”, “Know Your Rights in the Era of Healthcare Reform”, “Canadian ITP Patient Advocacy Meeting”, “KIDS KORNER: Fifth-grader with ITP Hosts School Event to Raise ITP Awareness”, “Making a Difference: The Bamesbergers”, “A Mile-High Platelet Party”, “ITP Friends, the Passion of a Personal Trainer and Ice Cream!”, “Rainbow Page: Lily Day”, “News from Our Support Groups", “Walk/Run News: Basking Ridge, NJ Event Spreads Awareness and Warms Hearts”, “Fall is Pledge Card Time – Please Consider PDSA”, “PDSA’s New Kids’ Program Takes the “Ouch” Out of Needlesticks”, “PDSA Fundraising News”, “2012 ITP Conference DVD/CD Sets Now Available, “PDSA Awards 4th Annual Audi Gerstein Scholarship and Three $100 Book Awards”, “Advocacy Alert: PDSA Takes Part in First Thrombosis & Hemostasis Summit in North America” and “PDSA Takes Part in National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Annual PIO Meeting”, “Be Notified of IVIg Recalls”, “Global View: Letters from Our International Friends" including “ITP Teen in UK Carries Olympic Torch” and “ITP Support International Meeting”, “What Our Friends Are Saying About the ITP Conference”. $5.00
  • The Fall 2012 issue of The Platelet News is 28 pages of the latest news and informative articles including: “Peak Performance 2012: ITP Awareness Initiative Continues”, “Purple Power Gains New Awareness for ITP!” “2012 ITP Conference: ITP Update - Part 2, including: --“ITP: Does It Run in the Family?” by Dr. Amy Geddis, --“Super Immunity, --“Using Nutritional Excellence to Prevent and Treat Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer,” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, --“TPO Trials in Children,” by Drs. James Bussel and Michael Tarantino, --“ITP Myths and Misconceptions,” by Drs. Terry Gernsheimer and John Semple, --“Treatment Options That Can Reduce the Risk of Bleeding in ITP Patients,” by Drs. Andra James, Craig Kessler, and Michael Tarantino, --“ITP in Adults,” Q&A Session panel including: Drs. James Bussel, Terry Gernsheimer, Craig Kessler, Dave Kuter, Howard Liebman, and John Semple, --“Living with ITP: Patients Share Their Stories, “Pennies for Platelets” , “Making a Difference: Kristin Hunt and Melissa Hilsabeck”, “Walk/Run News: From Coast to Coast and North of the Border, ITP Advocates Pump It Up for Platelets! in the Third Annual National Walk/Run, “From the Executive Director”, “You’re Never Alone: ITP Conference 2012 Facilitator Workshop”, “KIDS KORNER: Eighth-grader with ITP Raises ITP Awareness and Funds for Sport Purple for Platelets Day”, “In Memoriam: Jennifer Jaff”, “PDSA Resources Support Parents of ITP Kids”, “What Our Friends Are Saying”, “Advocacy Alert: PDSA Joins A-PLUS Webinars on State Exchange Programs in the Affordable Care Act (ACA)”, “IVIg: An Insider’s Guide”, “Global View: Letters from Our International Friends" including “ICIS Meeting”, “What Our Friends Are Saying About the ITP Conference – Part 2”, “Support Groups List". $5.00
  • The Winter 2012-2013 issue of The Platelet News is 28 pages of the latest news and informative articles including: “PDSA 13th Annual ITP Conference in Bethesda, MD”, “ASH Meeting Presents Latest in ITP Research: Part 1”, “PDSA Medical Advisor James Bussel, MD Honored by the Children’s Cancer & Blood Foundation”, “ASH Friday Morning Symposium Offers Latest ITP Findings”, “Making a Difference” featuring three PDSA Medical Advisors, “ITP Support and Information Offered on Canadian Teleconference Call”, “ASH 2012 Abstracts Summary: Part 1”, “How One Woman’s ITP Experience Shaped an Organization that Supports Others with ITP”, “In Memory of Two PDSA Members with ITP”, “A Big Idea Becomes an Extraordinary Reality: WI Walk/Run Raises over $20K and ITP Awareness”, “Global View: Her Music Helps Danni Cope with ITP”, “Fundraising News: Devoted Wife Organizes Dinner/Auction that Raises $3,500 to Benefit PDSA & ITP Patients”, “News from our Support Groups”, “Advocacy Alert: PDSA Participates in NORD Rare Diseases Research Patient Panel”, “Rainbow Page: My ITP Roller Coaster Ride”, by Howard Rayfiel, “Kids Korner: My ITP Silver Lining” by 13-year-old ITP teen, Rachel Netz, “A Different View: Unusual Success Stories from Our Mailbox”, “What Our Friends Are Saying.” $5.00

2011 Issues

  • Spring 2011 The Spring 2011 issue of The Platelet News (24 pages) includes the following articles: “PDSA Hosts 11th ITP Conference in Boston, MA in 2011”, “ITP Conference 2011: Program”, “A Low Platelet Mystery. . . Solved”, “PDSA Attends ITP Support Association National Convention in the UK”, “Support National ITP Awareness Month in September and Sport Purple for Platelets!” “Walk / Run News: NYC Half Marathon Runner Raises Funds and Awareness for ITP”, “Making a Difference: Lib Elder”, “The ASH Abstract Chronicles - Part 2: Insights into ITP and Treatment with TPO Agents”, “Kruses Host Birthday Bash Fundraiser for PDSA”, “News from Our Support Groups”, “PDSA at SSA Compassionate Allowances Hearing”,“Rainbow Page: Another Low Platelet Mystery. . . Not Solved”, and more. $5.00
  • Summer 2011 The Summer 2011 issue of The Platelet News (28 pages) includes the following articles: ITP Conference 2011 Coverage: Part 1 - with the latest news and information on ITP diagnosis and treatment, ITP Awareness Month and upcoming Sport Purple for ITP Day on September 30th, “What the Recent ITP Guidelines Tell Us” by Dr. David Kuter, “Why We Become Immune Against Platelets” by Dr. John Semple, “Does It Run In the Family?” by Dr. Amy Geddis, “Treatment Options That Can Reduce the Risk of Bleeding” by Dr. Craig Kessler, “ITP Etiology Study Aims to Find Cause of ITP” by Valerie Arias, “Diagnosis and Standard Therapy for ITP” Part 1 by Dr. Terry Gernsheimer, “Living with ITP” by ITP patients who share their stories of hope and recovery, ‘PDSA Awards Third Annual Audi Gerstein Scholarship”, “The Power of Positivity and Determination: 14-Year-Old Chloe Lane’s Fundraising Journey for PDSA” by Hannah Winant, “PDSA Takes Part in NHLBI PIO Meeting”.  $5.00
  • Fall 2011 The Fall 2011 issue of The Platelet News (28 pages) includes the following articles: “The Darling of ITP: Awe-inspiring, 30-Hour Nonstop Peak Performance Workout Raises Awareness for ITP and Over $80,000 for PDSA”; “2011 ITP Conference: ITP Update Part 2”; “Walk/Run News: Pump It Up for Platelets! Locations Continue to Grow, Spread Awareness and Raise Funds for PDSA and ITP”; “Making a Difference: Erik Anderson & Melissa McGuirl”, “Other Platelet Disorders Web Page Gets Update”, “PDSA Welcomes Meagan Richards”; “News from our Support Groups”; “Purple Power: ITP Awareness Month and Sport Purple for Platelets Day Go Global”, “First Canadian ITP Patient Advocacy Meeting at this Year’s ITP Conference”; “Why Am I So Tired -- Panel Q&A”; “Diagnosis and Standard Therapy for ITP: Part 2”; “Patients Share Their Stories”; “What Our Friends Are Saying About the Conference: Part 2”; “For Teens Only”; “How Do We Know What Treatments Work: Clinical Trials and You”; “PDSA Fundraising News: No Dilly-Dallying”; “Jewelry Sale Raises Funds and Awareness for Sport Purple for Platelets Month”; “Highlights of ITP in Children -- Q&A: Part 1:”; Rainbow Page: Living with ITP—Not Letting ITP Own My life”; “Global View: Letters from Our International Friends”; and “A Different View: Unusual Success Stories from our Mailbox”. $5.00
  • Winter 2011-2012 The Winter 2011-2012 issue of The Platelet News (28 pages) includes the following articles: “ITP Research Update: News from the American Society of Hematology Meeting ”, “2012 Showcases PDSA 12th ITP Conference in Denver, CO”, “KIDS KORNER: Ayla Charness, ITP Patient and Children’s Miracle Network 2011 Colorado Champion”, “Making a Difference: Barbara Pruitt”, “PDSA Welcomes Two New Board Members – Brian Bamesberger and Jay Charness”, “ITP in Adults: Q & A with Dr. James Bussel”, “Highlights of ITP in Children – Q & A: Part 2”, “Introducing the Circle of Hope”, “Walk/Run News: Pump It Up For Platelets! Locations Continue to Grow, Spread Awareness, and Raise Funds For PDSA and ITP”, “FDA Eases Rules for Nplate and Promacta”, “News from Our Support Groups”, “Global View: Letters from Our International Friends”, “A Different View: Unusual Success Stories from Our Mailbox”, and more. $5.00

2010 Issues

  • Winter, 2010-2011 - 24 pages. “ASH 2010: Stimulating ITP Research”, “1st Canadian Walk/Run Raised $2000 and Awareness for ITP”, “Global View: Letters from Our International Friends”, “The ASH Abstract Chronicles, Part 1: Insights into ITP and Treatment with TPO Agents”, “2011 Showcases PDSA 11th ITP Conference in Boston, MA”, “Sarah’s Walk Joins Forces with PDSA’s Pump It Up for Platelets!~for a world free of ITP”, “Making a Difference: Arlene Laut and Sarah Eggleston”, “Applications Opening Soon for the 2011 Audi Gerstein Platelet Disorder Scholarship”, “Rainbow Page: Patient’s ITP in Remission after Rituxan® and H. pylori Treatment”, and more. $5.00
  • Fall, 2010 - 24 pages. “Wisconsin ITP Support Group Walk/Run a Huge Success!”, “2010 ITP Conference: Update on ITP, Part 2”, “Central/North Jersey ITP Support Group Walk/Run a Winner!”, “Making a Difference: Jay and Ayla Charness”, “Q & A for Adults with ITP”, “Women’s Lifecycles and ITP”, “The Pro’s and Con’s of Dietary Supplements: Recommendations for ITPers”, “’Of Science and the Soul: A Search for Healing”, “News from Our Support Groups”, “ITP Conference 2010: The Patients Speak”, “Save the Date: ITP Conference”, “European Symposium on Platelet and Granulocyte Immunobiology”, “Autoimmune Specialists, Researchers, and Patient Advocates Meet at United Nations”, and more. $5.00
  • Summer, 2010 - 24 pages. “What Our Friends Are Saying About the Conference”, “PDSA Involved in Blood Safety Meeting”, “What History Has Taught Us About ITP”, “Old Agents, New Agents”, “Do I Have the Right Diagnosis?”, “Managing the Stress of a Chronic Illness”, “ITP and Children: Q & A with Dr. Tarantino”, “Why Am I So Tired?”, “’Teens Only’ Session at ITP Conference”, “News from Our Support Groups”, “Facilitators’ Workshop Well Received”, “PDSA Awards Second Audi Gerstein Scholarships”, “Platelet Birth to Platelet Dust”, “Making a Difference: Kim Everett and Trudy Sensat”, “Spring Fundraiser Benefits PDSA and ITP Patients”, and more. $5.00
  • Spring, 2010 - 24 pages. "PDSA Hosts Tenth ITP Conference in Las Vegas”, “PDSA Supports Autoimmune Diseases Summit”, "Highlights of the 2009 ASH Meeting, Part 2", "Making a Difference – Creta DeVault-Ford", "A Different View – Unusual Success Stories From Our Mailbox", "Rainbow Page – Healthy Patient Surprised by Case of ITP”, "ITP, Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control", “News from our Support Groups”, "Kids Korner", and more. $5.00

2009 Issues

  • Spring, 2009 - 24 pages. "PDSA Hosts ITP Conference in Orlando, FL", "Part 2: Highlights of ASH '08", "Meet John Schwartzman", "Meet PDSA Staff Member Judi Marx", "Members Share Views in Survey", "New ITP Parent Support Group Forming Via Teleconference", "Making a Difference - Danielle Schmidt", "Rainbow Page - Living with Not-So-Typical Episodes of Acute ITP", "News From Our Support Groups", "A Different View", and more. $5.00
  • Summer, 2009 – 24 pages.  “2009 ITP Conference: Update on ITP, Part 1”, “What We Used to Know About ITP and What We Know Now”, “PDSA Awards First Scholarship and Offers Book Awards at ITP Meeting”, “Adults with ITP”, “ITP in Women”, “President’s Circle Challenge Members Lead the Way in Fundraising for PDSA”, “Coping with a Chronic Illness”, “ITP Conference Teen Session: A Success”, “Making a Difference – Liz and Ron Strom”, “Rainbow Page – My Case of Sudden ITP”, “Support Group Facilitators’ Workshop a Success”, “News from Our Support Groups”, and more. $5.00
  • Fall, 2009 – 28 pages.  "Cytopenia and Hemostasis 2009, the latest ITP Information”, “2009 ITP Conference, Update, Part 2”, “Making  A Difference – Mat Heyman”, “The Small, Small World of ITP”, “Living with ITP, Patient Success Stories”, “Rainbow Page – From Bone Marrow Donor to ITP Patient”, “Memoriam for Joseph Stirrup”, “Successful Launch for Enlighten Program”, “Medical Students Learn About ITP Through PDSA Support Group”, “Student With ITP Donates Her Art to PDSA”, “A Different View”, and more. $5.00
  • Winter, 2009-2010 – 24 pages.  "Highlights of the 2009 ASH Meeting, New Orleans”, “Research News from the Cytopenias and Hemostasis 2009 Meeting - Part 2”, "New Director of Marketing, Nancy Potthast", "Treatment News from ASH Abstracts", "2010 Showcases PDSA's 10th ITP Conference in Las Vegas", “Making  A Difference – Barbara and Ralph Hise”,  "News From Our Support Groups",  "Twenty-two Experts Agree on ITP Treatments", “A Different View - Unusual Success Stories From Our Mailbox”, "What Our Friends Are Saying", and more. $5.00

2008 Issues

  • Spring, 2008 - 20 pages. "ITP Research Highlights of 49th Annual ASH Meeting: Part 2", "FDA Panel Moves Forward on NPLate", "Being There: The FDA Advisory Committee Meeting on NPlate", "PDSA Welcomes Two New Medical Advisors: Howard Liebman, M.D. and Andra James M.D.", "PDSA Welcomes New Board Member: Jamie Harwell", "An ITP Poem", "PDSA Survey Results", "New Clinical Trial for PRTX-100 for Chronic ITP", "ITP Featured on News Program", and more. $5.00
  • Summer 2008 - 24 pages. "2008 Conference Salutes PDSA's Past, Future", "CME Sessions: Managing ITP", "PDSA Welcome Craig Conway as Executive Director", "Productive 2008 Workshop for Support Group Facilitators", "Anniversary Party Celebrates 10 Years of ITP Support", "President's Circle Meets for VIP Breakfast at Conference", "Promacta Approval: The Saga", "New College Scholarship", and more. $5.00
  • Fall 2008 - 24 pages. "FDA Approvals Expand Treatment for Adult ITP", "CME Sessions: Managing ITP, Part 2", "Ask the Experts", "Rainbow Page", "A Different View - Unusual Success Stories From our Mailbox", "Making a Difference - Keeth Smart", "What Our Friends Are Saying", and more. $5.00
  • Winter 2008-09 - 24 pages. "Part 1 - Highlights of ASH '08 Meeting Abstracts", "New ITP Guidelines Coming Soon", "PDSA Welcomes New Board Chair Peter Pruitt", "PDSA Welcome A New Executive Director", "PDSA Welcomes New Board Members", "2009 ITP Conference Information", "ITP Study Group", "Rainbow Page", "Local Support Groups", "Is 'Onyalai' a Type of ITP", "Making a Difference", and more. $5.00

2007 Issues

  • Spring, 2007 - 20 pages. "Diagnosing ITP - Important Information for Patients", "New Genetic Tests for Inherited Thrombocytopenia", "Louise's 12 Commandments or How to Love Yourself", "An American Perspective:  ITP and Cure", "10 Ways to Avoid Medication Errors", "Inhale Beauty, Exhale Surrender", "Rainbow Page - Success with Vitamin D", " A Different View - Unusual Success Stories From Our Mailbox", and more. $5.00
  • Summer 2007 - 24 pages. "ITP Conference 2007:  Something for Everyone"; " Q & A:  Question for our Medical Advisor"; "CDC Releases New International Travel Guide"; "Joan Recommends - Kale";  "Greens, Glorious Greens:  Focus on Kale"; "PDSA Welcomes Carol Hoxie"; "A Different View:  Unusual Success Stories From Our Mailbox"; and more. $5.00
  • Fall 2007 - 24 pages.  "Lessons from the Epidemiology of ITP" by Dr. Patrick Fogarty; "ITP Conference 2007:  Program for Doctors"; "The Application of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of ITP"; "Coping with ITP:  An Individual Approach";  "PDSA Welcomes Marjorie Ligelis as our New Financial Officer"; "A Different View:  Unusual Success Stories From Our Mailbox";  PDSA Fundraisers and more. $5.00
  • Winter 2007-2008 - 24 pages. "ITP Research Findings Attract Huge Crowds at Annual Hematology Meeting", "ITP Research Highlights of 49th Annual ASH Meeting 2007 - Part 1", "PDSA - Healing/Curing and Energy Therapy", "Local Support Groups", "Highlights of Cytopenias in 2007 - Emphasis on ITP Meeting in San Diego", "Joan Young Featured in New DISH Network Series, The Incurables", "President's Circle Reception and Lecture at Harvard Club", Rainbow Page", "What Our Friends Are Saying", "A Different View", "Kid's Korner", and more. $5.00

2006 Issues

  • Spring, 2006 - 24-pages.  “Possible Underlying Factors of ITP”, “Clinical Trials”, “Are Platelets Released in Your Lungs?”, “Essay: Help Prevent ITP”, “Environmental Triggers of ITP (Letters)”, “Indoor Pollution”, “Treating Refractory Chronic ITP in Children with Rituximab”, “A Different View - Unusual Success Stories From our Mailbox” and more. $5.00
  • Summer, 2006 - 28-pages.  “Report from PDSA ITP Conference 2006”, “Praise for our Conference”, “Patient Stories from our Conference”, “News for ITP’ers”, “Rainbow Page: I Saw Her Improve, I Became a Believer’, “Rainbow Page: Without Drugs or Surgery”, “The Environment and You: An Update”, “A Different View - Unusual Success Stories From our Mailbox”, “PDSA Outreach: Updates on Local Support Groups”, “Kids Korner: Prize Winners of Platelet Pal Art Contest:, and more. $5.00
  • Fall, 2006 - 24-pages.  “Findings from Web-based Online Survey”, “Understanding the ITP Patient Perspective”, “A Different View - Unusual Success Stories From our Mailbox”, “The Environment and You: Third Installment”, “New Treatments in Development”, “Childhood ITP: Special Issue of “Pediatric Blood and Cancer”, “What our Friends are Saying”, “PDSA Outreach: Updates on Local Support Groups”, “PDSA ITP Conference 2007: Meadowlands, New Jersey” and more. $5.00
  • Winter, 2006-2007 - 24-pages.  "Research Highlights from ASH Annual Meeting", "ITP Sessions Pull in Crowds at Hematology Meeting (ASH)", "What Our Friends Are Saying", "President's Circle Challenge", "PDSA Outreach", "Rainbow Page - ITP and the MMR Vaccine", " A Different View - Unusual Success Stories From Our Mailbox", and more. $5.00

2005 Issues

  • Spring, 2005 - 20 pages.  "Taking Good Care of Your Liver", "Clinical Trial Update", "Minding your Bedside Manners", "How to Survive your doctor's Care" and more. $5.00
  • Summer, 2005 - 20 pages.  "ITP Conference Highlights", "Healthy Websites", "ITP Conference Q & A part 1", UK Schools go Organic" and more. $5.00
  • Fall, 2005 - 24 pages.  "ITP Conference 2005 Q&A part 2", "8-part Plan for Worrywarts", "How I Treat ITP", and more. $5.00
  • Winter, 2005-2006 - 24 pages.  "ASH ITP Research Highlights", "When the Body Betrays", "Keep you Nose Clean" and more. $5.00

2004 Issues

  • Spring, 2004- 24 pages.  “Health Related Quality of Life in Patients with ITP”, “American Society of Hematology Meeting, 2003 - ITP Research Highlights Part 1”, “Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease”, “Your Questions Answered – Dr. James Bussel”, “A Christmas Poem”. $5.00
  • Summer, 2004 - 24 pages.  “Not All IGIV Preparations Are Created Equal”, “Splenectomy: Predicting Success”, “Where’s the Evidence?”, “Your Questions Answered”, “House Resolution 610”. $5.00
  • Fall, 2004 - 20 pages.  The Fall issue contains "ITP Conference 2004 - The Report", "Questions From the Conference", "My Experience With Energy Therapy", Essay: More Evidence", "Abstracts of Interest", and more. $5.00
  • Winter, 2004-2005 - 20 pages.  "ASH Meeting December 4 - 7, 2004: ITP Research Highlights", "Surviving Colds and Flus", "Essay: My Hero", and more. $5.00

2003 Issues

  • Spring, 2003 - 20 pages. “Clinical Trials & You: What Every Patient Should Know”, “Autoimmune Disorders and Contributing Factors - Part 2”, “Report from the American Society of Hematology Meeting: Part 1”, more. $5.00
  • Summer, 2003 - 20 pages.  "Twenty Steps to Better Health", "Making the Most of Your Office Visit", "PDSA On the Road", "ITP - The Official Patient's Sourcebook- Book Review" more.. $5.00
  • Fall, 2003 - 20 pages. "Use of Steroids in Persons with ITP: A Boon or a Bane", "ITP - An Ayurvedic Perspective", "Report from the American Society of Hematology Meeting - Part 2", "ITP - Age at Diagnosis".  $5.00
  • Winter, 2003-2004 - 20 pages - “Autoimmune Thrombocytopenia Purpura and Pregnancy”, “Environmental Triggers of Autoimmune Disease: Summary of a New Report from AARDA”, “The Case for an Orthomolecular Approach to the Treatment of ITP”, “DRAFT: ITP Research Agenda – An ITP Patient Perspective”, “Traveling with the NIH”. $5.00

2002 Issues

  • Winter, 2002 - 20 pages . "Hepatitis C Infection Related Thrombocytopenia Might Masquerade as ITP, "Report from the Hematology Conference,"Your Questions Answered," Medicines, Foods, and Herbal Remedies that Can Cause a Low Platelet Count…".  $5.00
  • Spring, 2002 - 20 pages. "Coping with Corticosteroids by Dr. Andrew Weil," "Report from the ASH Hematology Meeting," "Is ITP Treatment Different in the US and UK?" "The Child with ITP, "Research Watch", and more. $5.00
  • Summer/Fall, 2002 - 20 pages.  "Survey of Non-traditional treatments of ITP - Preliminary Results", "Having Trouble Paying for Treatment? - Seven Helpful Tips," Your Questions Answers", "ITP Conference 2002 - A Report", "New Registry for Children with ITP", "Comint to Terms with ITP." $5.00
  • Winter, 2002-2003 - 20 pages. "A low platelet count must be ITP, right?", Autoimmune Disorders and Contributing Factors - Part 1","A Journey Through Time: A Brief History of Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura", "ITP Diet Recommendations". $5.00


2001 Issues

  • Winter, 2001 - 12 pages.  "Helicobacter pylori eradication can induce platelet recovery in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura" by Giovanni Emilia,MD et. al, "American Society of Hematology Meeting Highlights" by Joan Young, "New ITP Treatments - The Latest Word", "Thrombosis and ITP", "Splenectomies and Heart Attacks - An Interesting Link", "Splenectomies - An Update", "In the News". $5.00
  • Spring, 2001 - 12 pages.  "ITP: To treat or not to treat, is the question" from Hem/Onc Today, "Infections and ITP", "ITP Herbal Formula",  "The Brain in Your Gut", "In the News". $5.00
  • Summer, 2001 - 12 pages. "ITP Conference 2001 - Highlights Part 1", "A Different View", "NewClinical Trail", Lara’s Story: Using Traditional Chinese Medicine to Treat ITP",  "Your Questions Answered", "In the News", "Abstracts of Interest". $5.00
  • Fall, 2001 -  16 pages. "ITP Conference 2001 - Highlights Part 2", "A Different View", Lara’s Story: Part 2",  "Your Questions Answered", "In the News", "Abstracts of Interest”, “Help Prevent Cold”. $5.00



  • Summer, 1999 - 8 pages. "Natural Alternatives to Prednisone" by Andrew Weil, MD, "Breathing Lessons", Coping with Prednisone book review, "Zen and the Art of Surviving", and "Form of Chinese Herb Found to Temper Immune System and Kill Cancer Cells". $5.00
  • Fall, 1999 -  8 pages. "ITP and Depression", "Natural Supplements for Management of Chronic ITP", "A Bloody Story - or What is Eating our Platelets", "Talking to Your Doctor", and "Keep Your Nose Clean". $5.00
  • Winter, 2000 - 8 pages. "Report from the Hematology Convention" (1999 American Society of Hematology meeting), "Zen and the Art of Helping", "Chew Your Food",  plus updates on the new pregnancy portion of the site, and a helpful tip from the Platelet Buddy. $5.00
  • Spring, 2000 - 8 pages. "Focus on a New Treatment…Rituxan", "Book Review: Bitter Pills: Inside the Hazardous World of Legal Drugs by Stephen Fried", "Your Immune System and ITP", "B's for Lunch: Atale of three foods that boost your energy and are platelet friendly", "An ITP Mystery: Is the environment a factor?"  $5.00
  • Summer, 2000 - 12 pages. "The Spleen: A Synopsis by Phillis Payne","More Spleen Facts", "Food Allergies and ITP", "Food Allergies: A Personal Account", "Inherited Thrombocytopenia". $5.00
  • Fall, 2000 - 12 pages. "WinRho - A Novel and Physiologic Treatment for ITP", "ITP - A Doctor’s Perspective", "ITP in the News", "Seven Steps to an Easier IV", "Breathe Easy". $5.00


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