A study to assess the ability of Eltrombopag to induce sustained remission in subjects with ITP (TAPER)

This is an open-label, phase 2, prospective single-armed study through Novartis Pharmaceuticals. The goal of this study is to assess the ability of eltrombopag to induce a sustained remission (defined as a platelet count at a minimum of 100K microliters) in patients with ITP who have failed previous steroid treatment, or relapsed after previous steroid treatment. Participants can expect to receive eltrombopag for two months and then be tapered off. To be eligible, participants with ITP must be adults, with a platelet count under 30K microliters.

USA, Austria, Brazil, France, Chile, Greece, Italy, Japan, Oman, Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.



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