It is the desire of everyone to find a treatment for ITP that has a high success rate, few side effects, is inexpensive, and does not require major surgery. That treatment does not currently exist. ITP is often managed by a succession of treatments, each one with some possibility of success offset by some downside risk. Not enough is known about the disease or individual genetics to determine which treatments will be successful for a particular individual.

Because of the side effects and inconsistencies of conventional therapies, some ITP patients have tried alternative/complementary/integrative treatments. As in conventional treatments, these treatments sometimes fail to raise platelets, work differently for different patients, and have no research to predict if a particular treatment will be successful for you or your child. However, some people have found that these help improve their health.

  Conventional Treatments

Comprehensive information on conventional therapies usually prescribed for ITP.

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  Complementary Treatments

Therapies outside of the usual medical mainstream some patients with ITP have used successfully.

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