Platelet E-News – November 4, 2002

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Medical Matrix is a new search engine designed for the hematology/oncology professional from the publishers of “Hem/Onc today”. You don’t have to be a physician to use it. The search engine has links to hundreds of helpful sites rated by the publishers and an all-site search that makes it easy to find information.

You can get a free 24 hour trial pass at


The hospital industry is becoming more aware that hospital patients are exposed to a host of dangerous materials including dioxins, phthalates, mercury and the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in many solvents and paints. These dangerous substances can be found in the walls, carpets, and sometimes in the IV bags delivering the problem substances directly to the blood. When disposable devices made from PVC are incinerated cancer-causing dioxin fumes are released into the air.

Knowing these hazards, hospitals from Beth Israel Medical Center in New York to Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland Oregon are changing their policies and calling for no PVC and low or no VOCs in their building products and medical equipment. They are including other health promoting environments such as gardens in their designs.

The American Society of Healthcare Engineering released a statement calling for environmental friendly construction practices. The U.S. Green Building council has begun discussing construction guidelines for health care facilities.

If you feel the hospital you go to can provide a healthier environment contact these organizations. They may be able to help.

  • Health Care Without Harm:
  • Canadian Coalition for Greener Health Care:
  • Healthy Building Network:
  • Clean Med Conference:
  • Sustainable Hospitals:



In the 1980’s congress established the Vaccine Immunization Compensation Program (NVICP) to protect doctors and vaccine makers from lawsuits and to provide compensation to parents and children for catastrophic vaccine injuries.

In a recent ruling Judge Samuel Kent ruled that individuals who qualify as claimants under NVICP must first file petitions in the Vaccine Court. The Vaccine Court will only consider claims presented within the mandated limit of 36 months from the onset of the first symptoms of injury or in death cases within 24 months of the date of death or 48 months of the date of injury, whichever comes first. This ruling underlines the fact that parents must act quickly to preserve their rights and those of their child.

There is a bill pending in congress, HR 3741, designed to help more children get access to the $1.7 billion in the trust fund that has been set aside to help vaccine injured children and adults.

For more information on NVICP see:

For information on vaccine decisions:

Note: According to researchers in the UK, one in every 22,300 MMR vaccinations will result in admission to a hospital for ITP.


Now you download copies of all of the issues of The Platelet News as .pdf files. The Platelet News is filled with helpful articles designed specially to help those with ITP. The newsletters are sent four times a year to members of PDSA. Often patients who are newly diagnosed want information quickly. By placing the newsletters in our store, everyone can have access to all of the issues.

The cost per issue is $5.00. You can find a list and purchase the download .pdf versions at


Umbilical cord blood is a prized source of stem cells that can replace the diseased bone marrow of people with leukemia and other illnesses. Unfortunately umbilical cords often don’t contain enough blood for a viable transplant of stem cells that, like marrow cells, can produce new blood cells of various types. Scientists now report that cord blood stem cells proliferate more rapidly when the blood is cultured with a protein called Delta-1 and a combination of blood enhancers.

When these treated cells were transplanted into bone marrow of mice, they began to rebuild the store of red and white blood cells (platelets, too?). Some stem cells found their way to the thymus to begin transformation of T-cells.

For the full text research articles see:

While we don’t know the implication of this research specifically for ITP, we do know that bone marrow transplants are sometimes used as a treatment for very difficult cases and that ITP is a T-cell mediated disease.

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