ITP Awareness & Advocacy

Thanks to efforts to raise awareness and advocate for the ITP community, change is having far-reaching impact for the rare bleeding disorder that would have been seen as impossible just 20 years ago. At PDSA, we’re dedicated to supporting ongoing awareness and advocacy by encouraging a growing community of ITP Ambassadors for change.

You can become an ITP Ambassador through …

PDSA Support Groups

Although a diagnosis of ITP is rare, you’re not alone. PDSA Support Groups across the United States and Canada are there for anyone looking for support in coping with ITP. No group in your area? Contact PDSA’s Programs & Events Manager, Jody Shy at Or, contact PDSA, 877.528.3538, for information on how you can become an Ambassador of Hope and start a local group today.

Find a Support Group

ITP Awareness Events

September is all about ITP! Each September, we celebrate the courage of ITP Warriors during ITP Awareness MonthSM and Sport Purple for Platelets DaySM on the last Friday of September. From organizing a Sport Purple day or dress down event at work or school, the sky is the limit on ways to raise awareness and fundraise throughout the month. Explore how you can become an Awareness Ambassador or create your own online fundraising page today!

ITP Awareness Month     Sport Purple for Platelets Day     Global ITP Awareness Week


Advocacy (speaking in favor of a cause, idea, or policy) helps build awareness and support for ITP and other platelet disorders. Anyone interested in having more people know about ITP, having greater access to treatment and getting more funding for ITP and related diseases can help.

Changing public policy, having national and state governments enact laws and fund directions that benefit our cause can take much time and effort. PDSA has been working with like-minded organizations and related government agencies for years to bring awareness and enact changes—and our work continues and grows.

  • Every call, every letter, every meeting can help our advocacy efforts. You can be an Ambassador of Change by:
  • Attending meetings, writing letters, signing petitions
  • Attending marches, rallies and political fundraisers
  • Educating yourself through seminars and symposia
  • Telling your story to reporters and other media
  • Participating in surveys and registries to help researchers gather data to support your position

US Government Contacts

Outside of the U.S.?

You can help too. Contact your local and national government. ITP is everywhere.

PDSA Advocacy Programs


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