Awaiting a Miracle

I am a mother with a 20-year-old daughter who has been suffering with chronic ITP since she was two years old. She is such a great kid for us. She is blessed with intelligence in her academics and drawing, and she is a scholarship holder since she was in primary class until university. During her school and university life, she is never allowed to join any sports. Now she is in her freshman year at university. She is a very active girl though she is carrying ITP with her.

She always feels fatigue yet she is a tough girl. She has been through many medications such as: steroids, danazol, IVIg, etc., which were unable to cure her ITP and unable to sustain a safe platelet level. Her platelet count was usually only 10-20,000. She had been through so many years without treatment and medication (Thank God).

Recently she got severe stomach pain and was admitted to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a cyst in both her left and right ovaries. The doctors advised she have surgery to take out the cysts as they may rupture because of her very low platelets. When she was admitted, her platelet count was only 9,000. In order to get the surgery done, the doctors had to raise the platelet count by giving IVIg. They gave her 24 vials and her platelets rose to 448,000 within three days. Then she went for the surgery.

Now she is resting and waiting for the recovery. She has to take oral contraceptive (OC) pills in order to prevent the cysts. It is indeed a dilemma for us, as we know that OC pills can raise the risk of breast and cervix cancer and liver tumor as well. She has to take it for the long term. Considering the side effects it is hard to make a decision whether to take the pills or not. This is because it may prevent problems from the cysts yet she may have to face other severe side effects. I might consider seeking for another opinion, which may give us some advice. Meanwhile, I am always longing and praying for a miracle for my daughter's platelets to reach a safe level.

- Hosanna


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