My Story - Newly Diagnosed

My name is Sarah.  I am 25 years old.  It has been about a month since I found out that I have ITP.  I went to the doctor in the beginning of June because my period was extremely heavy and it scared me.  I found a clinic that had a sliding scale and I saw the Ob-Gyn doctor.  I told her about my heavy bleeding and that I had bruises that I didn't remember getting.  She had me get a CBC.  I was a nervous wreck for the next three days.  The clinic called me and told me go to the ER straight away.  

The woman from the clinic told me that my platelet count was only 4,000.  I really had no idea what she was talking about but she finally convinced me to go.  I took my kids to my grandmother and had my mother take me to the ER.  I called my husband and told him what was going on and he told me that he would be at the ER as soon as possible.

When I got to the ER, I had to call the clinic for the lab work so the doctors could see it.  They finally admitted me into the hospital.  They did a CBC on me and my platelet count was at 3,000.  Also my blood level was extremely low.  I stayed in the hospital for four nights.  During my stay I was given two bags of plasma, four bags of blood, and four bottles of Gammagard SD (IVIg).  My platelet count started coming up.  The first doctor that had seen me came in the room and said something about leukemia and walked out the door.  That scared us more than anything.  

Later that day another doctor came in and talked to me.  She told me that she was sure that I had ITP and wanted to do a bone marrow biopsy to rule out anything else.  The results came back normal.  I am taking 60 mg of prednisone daily and Bactrim three days a week.  So far everything seems to be going well.  I don't think I have fully accepted that I have ITP.  It all seems like a bad dream.  I have always been healthy and very rarely got sick.  I can't seem to wrap my mind around it.  I feel fine and never really felt bad.



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