My Son Died Because of ITP

My son was admitted to the hospital on January 26, 2012. He was admitted because he had bruises on his legs, hand, and back. He also had bleeding mucosa in his mouth. The doctor diagnosed him as an ITP patient. They gave him IVIg on January 27th and his platelet count increased from 1,000 to 9,000. But the next day his platelet count decreased to 1,000 again.

So on January 30th they gave him another dose of IVIg. Then the next morning of January 31st he complained that he had a headache and he started to vomit. The doctor did a CT scan and they found that his brain was bleeding, around 1 cm. Then they gave him a pack of platelets and blood. His headache reduced and it made me feel relieved. But at 11 pm on the same day he had a severe headache and continued vomiting. The doctor once again did the CT scan and they found that his bleeding was spreading to 7 cm. They decided to make him sleep and supported his breathing using a ventilator. After 2 days in a coma, my son passed away. My question is what actually made him get brain bleeding even though he did not fall down? He was only lying down on the hospital bed and then only walking to the toilet under my guidance. I felt so frustrated and guilty because I brought him to the hospital. He was healthy even when his platelet count was low when we entered the ward but then he came out as a corpse after 10 days in it. If anyone has an idea on what happened to my son, please inform me. Now I'm feeling traumatic when my other child is complaining of having a headache (my son is 6 years old).

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