Determined ITP Patient Perseveres

There once was a little girl who loved to play with her friends. She also loved to rough-play with her father. That sweet little girl grew quickly and now is a beautiful young lady. One gloomy day, her life changed quickly.

She was on her cycle for 10 days!! The bleeding never slowed down. She went to the doctor's office and the doctor was not happy. She got her blood drawn and her platelet count was at 0. A normal person’s blood count is 150,000 to 400,000. Hearing that news scared both her and her mother. The doctor told her to “go straight to the hospital and don't touch, bump, or hit anything."

The reason why all the concern-- because she could get internal bleeding. She was knocking on death’s door when she arrived at the hospital. The doctor ordered several tests. As soon as the test results came the doctor came and told them she had ITP. She got her first treatment that night and was sent home. Only a few days later she had to get her second treatment.

The major disappointment came when she went to her blood specialist and had to get yet another treatment. The treatment would be followed by a bone marrow aspiration, which came out good and healthy; no cancer was in sight. She was not allowed to play sports though and that killed her. This young lady is now going to have to struggle through life.

The good news is that she has put her mindset to a good one -- she is going to fight and is never going to give up on life. She just has to remain determined and not let anything get in the way of the path she is taking now.

This is true, written, told and experienced by Rebekah B. Written in June 2011 when she was called cured

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