My Baby Boy Died from ITP

After discovering unexplained bruises on his body, I took our baby boy went to the pediatrician on Tuesday, August 23, 2016. She said he had ITP and sent us to the ER at our local hospital for blood-work. He had only 8,000 platelets. Then, we were transferred via ambulance and admitted into Yale New Haven Children's Hospital. Later than night, he was down to 1,000 platelets and was given his 1st IVIG infusion.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, the doctors decided to give him a 2nd infusion. Later that afternoon, he was down to 0-1,000 platelets and was given his 2nd infusion. We weren’t worried because they all expected a full recovery. They also said they could perform up to 5 IVIG infusions. However on Thursday, August 25, 2016, he passed away from catastrophic bleeding in his brain.

It was just one day after his 10 month birthday. He never had an ongoing illness or was ever admitted to the hospital before that fateful day. His situation is so rare that I can't find any information on this. Does anyone have a similar story to share?

- Anna




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