It's a miracle, what can I say...

My dad, age 94, has five years of blood tests showing a steady decline in his blood platelets from a high of 87,000 to a low of 37,000. He was scheduled for a heart scope procedure in late June of 2014, with hopes of having a stent put in, clearing the way for a TVAR "stent/valve" put in to replace the failing valve in his heart. When he arrived for the procedure, they took a blood test and told him they could not proceed because of his low blood platelet count. They basically told him to go home and prepare to die. No suggestions, no help, no nothing...

So when he got home he and my sister got on the computer to see what they could find. After looking for a couple of hours and reading many different articles they decided to give Papaya Leaf Extract a try.

The bottle arrived July 23 and he immediately started taking it -- "1 teaspoon three times a day mixed in about 8 oz. of Juice" (apple, orange and pineapple are his favorites), which he continued with. As of this writing Oct. 21, 2014, his blood test yesterday showed a count of 124,000. That, my friends, is a change of 87,000 in the span of 89 days or an average gain of 997.5 per day. During this time he had no other change in medicines nor changes in diet or lifestyle, so all we can attribute this to is the papaya leaf.

Needless to say my dad's heart doctor is dumbfounded and amazed at the surge in blood platelet count and has been spreading the word to his fellow doctors. He had my dad check into the hospital for what he called a tune-up-- "low sodium, water retention, and a few tests" before the heart valve surgery. He ORDERED the hospital to continue my dad’s daily dose of papaya leaf. At first the hospital staff refused, until he told them about his blood work history and amazing platelet rebound.

Word travels fast! In the two and a half days we were at the hospital several doctors stopped by to quiz us about the papaya leaf and they all wanted to see the bottle and read the label. The halls were buzzing about the 94-year-old miracle man who quadrupled his platelet count in three months of drinking juice. Thanks to the papaya leaf extract, his heart has been scoped, a stent was put in, and on 10/24/14 he goes into the University of Washington medical center for insertion of a TVAR artificial "stent type heart valve." I'm not a doctor and I did not stay in a Holiday Inn last night but will say this...if you suffer from a low platelet count, you need to give this a try... 1 teaspoon three times a day in juice...

Steve G., Olympia, WA

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