Healthcare Access

At PDSA we hear from many people who do not have health insurance or cannot afford treatments, very sad situations that PDSA is working to correct.

Improving healthcare access and controlling healthcare costs are very complex issues. For greater impact PDSA joins with the like-minded patient support organizations of the American Plasma Users Coalition (A-Plus). Together we work to understand the implications of new regulations and policy changes and advocate for affordable healthcare access for everyone.  

Selected Actions:

Staff provided input to the Affordable Care Act, reviewed drafts as the law progressed, and signed letters in support of particular sections. Below are documents outlining sections of the law that directly impact many people we serve.

A-Plus Insurance Toolkit - A comprehensive guide to understanding and navigating the Affordable Care Act, especially designed for people with bleeding disorders

Glossary – Definitions of terms used in health insurance contracts and in the discussion of healthcare reform

Healthcare Access by State - Important information prepared by The National Organization for Rare Diseases listing specific resources in each state. This can help everyone get the best care under the new law.

Coverage Tiers – Explanation of the requirement for insurance companies to offer four tiers of coverage with the same essential benefits beginning in 2014

Essential Benefits – A list of what insurance companies are required to cover

Health Insurance Exchanges – Information on these new state-administered organized insurance marketplaces for individuals and businesses

Subsidies to Buy Insurance – Details on the financial assistance available from the federal government to help individuals purchase insurance from the exchanges

Insurance Coverage Letter - Along with A-Plus and the National Organization for Rare Disorders, staff monitored changes in insurance coverage and signed a letter to Highmark, an insurance company, indicating our dissatisfaction with their recent policy change.



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