ITP Warrior - Tracey

It’s been 7.5 years since my life changed with two late-night phone calls, on consecutive nights. First, by my internist, who referred me to a hematologist the next day. My internist was pretty sure I had ITP. The next night I was told to get to the hospital “ASAP” where I spent two nights trying to raise my platelets to a safe level. Little did I know that this journey would take such an emotional, mental, physical, and financial toll on me. I thought they’d find a treatment and it would be “resolved.”

Treatments during this time have included very high doses of prednisone, followed by Rituxin® infusions, a splenectomy, Promacta®, weekly Nplate® shots, and finally Tavalisse®, which I’ve been on for almost five years. All these drugs have come with side effects and alarmingly high costs.

About five years ago, I discovered the PDSA which I’m incredibly grateful for. I’ve learned how to educate myself and become an advocate in my ITP journey and have connected with other people who have ITP. Through the PDSA, I’ve been inspired to help others navigate their ITP journeys.

I’m blessed to have such a great support team in my family, friends, and doctors. My faith has helped me weather some very difficult moments and I feel mentally strong with the help of a therapist. Meditation and Reiki have also helped to reduce my stress. I’m here to live in a BIG way, embracing life and being grateful.

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