I am a chronic ITP patient. I was diagnosed when I was four years old. All of a sudden, I saw bruises and petechiae all over my body, and then I found out about ITP. I have gone through so much pain and mental and physical stress. Anxiety, fatigue, and depression are part of my daily life, and I suffered from the effects of prednisone. I hit a low when I stopped responding to the prednisone, then the IVIG failed and my last option was a splenectomy. Even after the splenectomy, I relapsed twice, but I believe in God who gave me strength and power.

Now it’s been 25 years of my ITP journey, and I didn’t give up on spending my life as a normal healthy person, but sometimes it is really difficult. My ITP story is long, but now I am a part of the PDSA community, and it really is a blessing for ITP patients.