I was first diagnosed with ITP 16 months ago with a platelet count of 1,000. I was initially put on steroids for a week, but my platelet count remained below 10,000. I was then given IVIG, and my platelets finally bounced back to over 100,000 and I was released from the hospital. Unfortunately, within a week my platelets plummeted back to below 10,000 and I was readmitted. IVIG was used again to bring my platelets back to over 100,000 within five days, but they dropped again, and I was given Promacta® in addition to another round of IVIG.

Finally, my platelets rebounded to over 250,000 and I was weaned off Promacta®. I thought I was over it, and so did my hematologist. I was scheduled to be released from her care in one week before my new battle with ITP. Fourteen months after my initial diagnosis, I noticed my gums bleeding – a telltale sign. I immediately went for a blood test and the results came back with a platelet count of 1,000. Back in the hospital with more IVIG, [my platelets] recovered to over 30,000 and are now over 120,000. I restarted Promacta® and can only hope for the best.

Over the last year I went for blood tests every four months and my platelets were consistently over 250,000 without medication. The last blood test a month ago saw them drop to 144,000. I questioned that drop with my hematologist and primary doctor, but both said it was still [a] normal [level] and not to worry about it. Boy were they wrong! I’m going to get a blood test every month, [and] if there is a drop, I will start Promacta® again hoping to avoid another platelet count of less than 10,000.