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ITP from AstraZeneca 2 years 3 weeks ago #72147

  • michaelp
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Hello, i’m new here, I got diagnosed with ITP from AstraZeneca almost 5 months ago and currently about to start promacta tomorrow. I’ve been under dexamethasone, 2 IVIG’s and prednisolone but don’t seem to work, I’ve had COVID a few weeks with very minimal symptoms (thank god) and my platelets went UP to around 120k from having the virus, but a few weeks up until now im back down to the 10-30 range. I just wanted to know a few things and get opinions.

Is vaccine induced ITP temporary or chronic/permanent?

How good is promacta compared to everything else I’ve tried?

Should I be worried about side effects/damage from promacta?

Would the AstraZeneca antibodies still be in my system causing the platelets decreasing?

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ITP from AstraZeneca 2 years 1 week ago #72174

  • HeidiSt
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Sounds like you are really having a rough time! Hang in there. I don't have the answers for your questions, but I feel for you.  The numbers can be scary, but many people recover, or are able to live a comfortable life.  there are alot of good resources on here. Hang in there. 

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ITP from AstraZeneca 3 months 1 week ago #73388

  • Daryl
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Not sure you'll see this since it's an old post, but I'm in the same boat, ITP after vaccination. For me it has now been over a year. I had the same question of whether vax-induced ITP might be shorter-lived, but unfortunately I'm still cytopenic. Currently my count is pretty good because I had dexemethasone a few months ago, but apparently this boost is usually temporary. 

In my research I did come across this study that found antibodies were persistent as far as six months. What's annoying about these studies is they always have a set duration, so longer term follow-up is usually not available.

Promacta has some concerning side effects but it has been around a while and many people seem to have success with it. You could also look at Doptelet, which is a similar drug but milder side effects.

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