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Diagnosed during pregnancy - went into remission - want another baby

5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #63618 by Natasha22
I've already told my story in detail right here
To make it short: diagnised during my third trimester with 3K, prednisone 8 mg, gave birth on 37th week with 165K, my baby daughter is completely healthy without any platelets issues. For 3 months postpartum I had been taking 24 mg of prednisone which helped only while taking and perhaps every alternative remedy under the sun. I don't know what really helped me but I went into remission and my platelets rose from 9K to 310K in three months since I quit prednisolone. I noticed that my count began to rise since I began to lose a lot of hair which is due to hormonal changes in my body. So as I had never had ITP before pregnancy I think it was the reason.
Although I'm in remission, the ITP monster is still in my wardrobe looking at me through a key hole :(
My husband and I would really love to have one more or even two babies, but I understand that I can relapse.
So my questions are:
1. Does it necessarily mean that I will have ITP during my next pregnancy? Is there any chance that it won't happen? Do you know such stories? I would really appreciate!
2. Does your ITP specialist tell you to make a two (three or more) year gap before you get pregnant to make your remission stronger? Does it help in any way or just a waste of time?
3. Would you risk having another baby if you knew that you could lose your remission?
These questions just drive me crazy! I'm thinking about it all the time!
Thank you for reading!

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