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Meningitis Vacinne and ITP

9 years 10 hours ago #50130 by Barbarai
Meningitis Vacinne and ITP was created by Barbarai
Just diagnosed with ITP today...
My 16 year old daughter recently had a menengitis vacinne that was required by the school she is enrolling into next month. It is now two weeks since she was given the vacinne and her platelets are at 28, they appeared normal before.
Has anyone else experienced a reaction to the meningitis vacinne and a lower platelet count?
She is starting on her first round of heavy doses of steriod predisone. Has anyone else had good or bad outcome from this steroid treatment?
Are there any Hematologist doctors near Dallas, or North Texas you recommend?
Thank you,

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9 years 5 hours ago #50133 by Ann
Replied by Ann on topic Meningitis Vacinne and ITP
Does your daughter have any bleeding? If not, I'd question treating at a count of 28. Most doctors experienced in treating ITP would wait and see if it is going to drop below 10 or so before treating. Even then, especially with children, many doctors won't treat at all unless there is bleeding. The treatments are usually worse than the disorder. Maybe some parents who do watch and wait with their children will chime in.

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8 years 11 months ago #50143 by Rob16
Replied by Rob16 on topic Meningitis Vacinne and ITP
Pediatric hematologist? You might try Dr. George R Buchanan, UT Southwestern Medical Center. I can't vouch personally, but he has excellent credentials.

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