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Return to nursery

2 months 3 weeks ago #73529 by Pedmonds
Return to nursery was created by Pedmonds

my 18 month old son was recently diagnosed with ITP. His platelet count has increased over the last 5 weeks from a count of 3 to a count of 16. We were told initially to keep him out of his usual childcare setting, which is a baby room at a loca nursery for 0-2 year olds. As you can imagine, this can be quite a physical environment with plenty of opportunities for accidents!! 

After his most recent blood test which showed the blood count was still extremely low at 16 we have been advised we should send him back to nursery. We don’t feel comfortable with this as we have read that there is still a severe risk below 20. 

Are we being over the top, or is the healthcare professional being a bit too simplistic - their written advice talks about return to school, but suggests no contact sports until the count is over 50. To me, nursery is basically a contact sport!! 

Any advice would be great!

Thanks :)

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2 months 4 days ago - 2 months 4 days ago #73568 by MelA
Replied by MelA on topic Return to nursery

"To me, nursery is basically a contact sport!!"

You made me laugh - you are so right about that!  Heck when I'd pick up my young grandson he'd run at me like he was going to make a tackle in the Super Bowl, I had to brace myself so I would not fall!!  So you can just imagine how they play with each other :)   

I'm very sorry your son has ITP, he is so young - know that is a big worry!  Unfortunately it is me, an adult, who has had ITP since 1989 so I really know nothing about a child with it.  I think I might be concerned too about sending him back to the nursery with a count of 16k - but I'd also not like taking him away from his friends.  Have you talked with his teachers at the nursery to see how they feel?  Are you comfortable with his hematologist or do you feel you should get a 2nd opinion?   I

I was hoping someone with experience would see your post - and I'm still hoping someone will!!  

"Instead of wasting your time worrying about symptoms, just get it checked out" -Nieca Goldberg, MD

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