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TOPIC: Anyone from Atlanta, Ga and have a child with ITP?

Anyone from Atlanta, Ga and have a child with ITP? 9 years 4 months ago #15150

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I live in Atlanta, GA and have a 4yr old with ITP. Just wondering if there was anyone else in my area out there going through the same thing that I could connect with. Any local support groups? Anyone tried the homeopathic route? Some many thoughts running through my little answers....

We were diagnosed in Oct 2010. Platelet count is currently at 22, 000.

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Re: Anyone from Atlanta, Ga and have a child with ITP? 9 years 4 months ago #15163

  • patti
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I'm not in GA but we did go the homeopathic route eventually and it worked. My son had an already very damaged immune system when he was diagnosed with ITP in 5/2010. After two failed rounds of IVIG in which he received hepatitis B tainted IVIG, side effects that were beyond comprehension, 4 days of prednisone that left him bleeding out of every orifice we decided to can the MD route and began using a homeopath. Our son had zero platelets at diagnosis and sat at zero for 3 months. Although it had not been long since he'd been diagnosed, three pediatric hemas said he would likely never get over it because he already had a damaged immune system when he got ITP. They also said failing two of the most very basic treatments didn't bode well for him either. The only other options they gave us were drugs that were completely unacceptable to us because of the long term risks to his health.

Within 1 minute of my son taking his first dose of his homeopathic remedy he felt relaxed and better then he'd felt in years (he never really felt well). We still sat at zero for 2 more weeks but we eventually hit 10K. Two more weeks and tweaking treatment a bit and we hit 36K. He continued to go up from there with once in awhile drops for about 6 months. He never went below 35K once he started going up. It took his body detoxing out the ivig and hepatitis B before we finally stopped seeing the ups and downs. He's been stable now for months. We are 9 months into his treatment. And the damaged immune system that he went into ITP with is healing beautifully. He had 40+ horrible food allergies that he's had since toddlerhood and they are now GONE. My boy has never eaten such a glorious diet. :cheer: As his cook, I'm THRILLED. ;)

There are only a few cautions I will give regarding homeopathic treatment. The #1 hardest thing is patience while the remedy works. It can take time for that to happen (especially if someone has used treatment drugs previously). It ended up that benadryl and prednisone held my son's platelets back until we dealt with those. Once we did, he took off. 2) You will have ups and downs. Like any treatment, it will take going up and down some before they stablize. That's not necessarily true for everyone, but be prepared if it happens. 3) Be very careful when finding a homeopath. Like a good doctor, a good homeopath is hard to find. LOTS of naturopaths say they are homeopaths but really they've only taken a couple of classes. A good homeopath will have studied classical homeopathy strictly for anywhere from 3-5yrs. We worked with two h-paths before our current one and neither of them really knew what they were doing. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Homeopathy does not work if you do not have the right remedy for the person. Someone who only uses a few basic remedies (as ND's and others who have only taken a few classes do) will miss a huge realm of remedies available that someone may need in order to completely heal. My husband was an excellent case. The remedy he ended up needing is not well known but someone who only uses basic remedies could have never helped him.

I wish you all the best. I cannot recommend h-pathy highly enough. I've posted quite a bit in the natural treatments section about my son. You might glean some info there.


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