Listed below are video clips excerpted from the live Facts over Fear: COVID-19 & ITP Town Hall. Click on the title of the video clip you would like to watch.

What is COVID-19 antibody testing?

Can COVID-19 be transmitted through IVIG?

Are splenectomized patients at greater risk for complications?

If fever develops, what immediate actions should be taken?

Can patients minimize clinic visits for blood draws or treatments?

Should patients receiving injections switch to another treatment?"]

What is the correlation between symptoms and platelet counts?

Will COVID-19 drop platelet counts?

How can patients stay safe when blood testing is necessary?

Are ITP patients at higher risk for COVID-19 complications?

What are UK recommendations for taking prophylactic antibiotics?

Are ITP patients in remission at risk of ITP returning with COVID-19 infection?

Is there a greater risk of bleeding or pulmonary hemorrhage with low platelet counts?

Is hydroxychloroquine safe for ITP patients?

What is a cytokine storm?