Discussion Group Rules

Netiquette Guidelines

General rules and guidelines for using our discussion groups.

Netiquette Guidelines

Please don’t post inappropriate content

Consider that a large audience including some children, professionals, and newbies will see your posts and that they will come up in internet searches. Make sure all posts and emails to other members are of an appropriate nature and are not sexually explicit or otherwise offensive to the general population.  Do not post any links which can take users to such areas.  Do not post swear words or anything meant to be interpreted as swear words.

Please do not promote illegal activities

The PDSA does not endorse any illegal activities such as drug use and will not allow any posts which encourage or promote any illegal activities in any form.

Please respect other members and posters

Please show others the same respect that you would want shown you. Personal attacks and insults will not be tolerated under any circumstances. While you may have different views and opinions, please share them without insulting the views and opinions of others. Keep in mind that you may be interpreting someone else’s words differently than they had originally intended.

Discussions on hot topics such as politics and religion should be limited as they can often spiral out of control. There may be times where we have to “agree to disagree”, and let it go at that.

Please do not make posts in all capital letters

Please avoid typing in all capital letters as it can be difficult to read and is considered SHOUTING in online discussions. It will also decrease the number of responses you get.

Please help conserve PDSA resources

Messages and articles should be brief, to the point, and relevant to the focus of the discussion group. Make every message count. Remember that these messages take system and PDSA resources. Please keep social chat in the social chat section whenever possible and reserve the other areas for platelet disorder issues.

Please post under ONE user name only

Members are not allowed to register under more than one user name for the purpose of causing confusion and trouble on the discussion board. Please contact the administrators if you wish to create a new user name so that we can delete your old one. Failure to notify the administrators could lead to all of your user names being deleted.

Please – No advertising or spamming!

ADVERTISING OR PROMOTION OF ANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED UNLESS STATED IN WRITING FROM PDSA. Spamming or posts without written consent from PDSA will be deleted. Contact pdsa@pdsa.org for more information.

Any advertising of products must first go through the PDSA for approval. Any advertising or spamming without PDSA approval will be deleted.

Please follow all guidelines

Posts not following the guidelines may be edited or deleted by the administrators and further action may be warranted as well. If you do not agree with the decisions of the administrators please notify them privately. Do not debate their decisions on the discussion forum and do not blame them for the behavior of the system users.


This is a non – professional discussion group only. The opinions stated here are not endorsed in any way by the PDSA. For advice on your unique medical condition please consult with your healthcare professional.


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