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Expressions of ITP - Inside Stories

Every story is different. Every story makes a difference.
We hope you find these stories helpful in your journey with ITP.

Bridget's Story

Bridget was diagnosed with ITP in her 20's. She is determined to live her life and continue to do the things she loves to do. With the help of her family Bridget is facing the disease head-on and wants to help others do the same. From the "Inside Stories: Expressions of ITP" DVD.


What is ITP?

Dr. Michael Tarantino and Dr. Terry Gernsheimer deliver basic information about the disease ITP. They explain what "ITP" stands for and define Acute ITP and Chronic ITP.


Advice for ITP Patients: Jennifer

Jennifer, an ITP patient, talks about the importance of educating yourself about the disease, taking good care of yourself and eliminating stress.


What are the Challenges of Treating and Managing ITP?

Information about treating ITP in children and adults, the good and bad of drug therapies and the importance of working closely with your physician throughout the treatment process.


Advice for ITP Patients: Andrea

Andrea, an ITP patient, gives helpful advice for those people who have been newly diagnosed with ITP, such as visiting the PDSA website, learning as much about the disease as possible, eating well and having hope.


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