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How Your Donation Makes a Difference

PDSA Support Groups

• 36 local support groups (including Canada)
• 1 Teleconference Support Group for Parents of Children with ITP
• 1 Teleconference Support Group for Canadian Patients and Family Members

PDSA Web site

• 200+ pages of FREE information
• 20,000+ unique visits per month; 30,000-40,000 total visits per month

Brochures & Articles (FREE)

16 booklets (including Spanish & French versions) & numerous articles

PDSA Publications

2 quarterly newsletters & FREE monthly e-newsletter

PDSA Discussion Group & Chat Room

Social Networking

• More than 8,000 Facebook Friends
• More than 12,000 YouTube & Vimeo videos viewed

PDSA Name Exchange Program

900 participants

PDSA Patient Support & Referral Service

Staff answers more than 5,000 calls/emails per year

PDSA Research Program

to support initiatives that lead to better outcomes for the people we serve.

PDSA programs are made possible through private donations, fundraising efforts, memberships, and grants through our corporate sponsors.